Criminal Appeal Lawyer

If you have recently been convicted or sentenced for a crime, but wish to appeal against your conviction, seeking expert legal advice and representation from a highly skilled criminal appeals lawyer should be your first move. With several years of experience, we recognise the impact that a wrongful conviction can have on a person’s life. Whether it’s a conviction for a minor offence or a life-changing prison sentence, it is essential to take action as soon as possible.

Why should I choose Akenroye Law for appeals?

We have unrivalled expertise and experience in appellate work. We appear regularly in the Appeal Courts. We provide advice and representation in the following areas:

Our specialization in criminal defence law place us well to advise in these criminal cases, bringing our extensive appellate experience and defence driven commitment to hundreds of appellants that may have suffered an error in law or procedural unfairness.

Appeals FAQ

We can help to challenge court decisions. We can advise and assist in the preparation of an appeal, as well as representing clients in appellate courts at all levels.

How will the Akenroye Law help me through the process?

We will provide expertise suited to the demands of your appeal, including:

  • Expert advice as to the merits of the appeal;
  • Drafting applications for leave to appeal including notices of appeal, grounds of appeal, applications for leave to appeal and legal submissions in support of an appeal;
  • Advice and assistance in drafting comprehensive witness statements for both appellants and witnesses in appeal proceedings;
  • Expert advice as to required and recommended documentary evidence in support of an appeal;
  • Checking of document to ensure compliance with strict procedural requirements;
  • Representation at court hearings.

How can I get legal advice about making an appeal?

We have the experience to give expert advice on whether or not you have arguable grounds for appeal against a conviction and/or sentence.

Upon instruction and receipt of documentation we will prepare a written advice on the merits of an appeal. If an appeal is arguable, draft grounds of appeal will be produced and lodged with the appropriate Court.

What type of cases can Akenroye Law provide advice and representation for?

We can provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Applications to re-open convictions in the Ontario Court of Justice;
  • Appeals from the Ontario Court of Justice to Superior Court of Justice;
  • Appeals against conviction and/or sentence from the Superior Court of Justice to the Court of Appeal for Ontario.
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court;

Why do I need a specialist appeal’s lawyer?

We are adept to deliver the highest level of representation both in first instance and appeal courts. We pride ourselves on being accomplished jury advocates and highly attuned to the different style of advocacy required to persuade the senior judges in the higher courts. We are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of cases.

What is the basis on which I can appeal?

Appeal against conviction

A conviction may be unsafe for many different reasons, including the following:

  • The Judge made an error of law during the trial;
  • The Judge misdirected the jury in law or fact in his summing up;
  • There was otherwise a procedural irregularity during the trial;
  • The verdicts were inconsistent;
  • There is now material and credible fresh evidence which was unavailable during the trial which casts doubt on the jury’s verdict or the safety of the conviction.

Appeal against sentence

Generally, an appeal against sentence will fail unless it can be shown that a sentence is:

  • Wrong in law;
  • Wrong in principle;
  • Manifestly excessive.

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